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The Stone Noble

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The Noble Towel is one of our cleanest designs, giving it a very luxurious look and feel. Made on our automatic jacquard looms, this towel has a tighter weave making it light and soft, yet strong and durable. Its versatile design of course looks lovely around the house as a towel or throw, but also looks great on the go as a shawl, scarf or wrap.

Coming in both stone and navy colorways, the Noble is an elegant Teema that you’ll find a use for year round. From a scarf in the winter to a shawl in the fall to a wrap in the spring to a beach blanket in the summer, the Noble will make you feel like a Queen or King, year round.

Size: 38in x 68in

Weight: 11oz

Material: 100% Cotton

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Amy Saunders
I’m in love with teema!

I buy them and give them to everyone I know!

Tana Price
Great gifts

I bought 4, one for myself and one for each daughter, but….. I love mine and am so tempted to use them all. I’ll be ordering more!

Kelli Candella
Good stuff

I actually ordered 6 of these towels for family members as we are traveling to Hawaii and these are light weight and pack so much easier then terry cloth towels. Haven't used them yet but I am excited to try them out.

Tundra Mama
So Soft!

Love the color, the softness is luxurious and they are holding up so well with all the use we’ve already had with them. My 5 year old thinks they should be his bedroom blanket since they are so soft and warm. I will definitely buy more!

Kaitlyn Crawford
love them!

i got this towel to keep in my car for whenever needed. whether that be someone needs a blanket or someone needs a towel. everyone that has used it so far has loved it. it does get softer after a few washes, just make sure the heat setting is one cold so the towel doesn't shrink. anyways, so far, highly recommend getting one of these! (also, the only reason it is so wrinkled in the pictures is it's been sitting in the back of my car in a ball for a few days)