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The Waffle Blanket in Honey


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The Waffle Blanket is one of our coziest blankets yet, sporting our beloved Waffle weave structure in several gorgeous colors. Our Waffle Blankets are stone washed before shipping, which makes the 3-dimensional weave even softer and more absorbent, while also giving it a beautiful, rustic look. 

Like all of our products, the Waffle Blanket is crafted from our highly absorbent 100% Turkish cotton. This means they become softer and more absorbent over time, and can double as a giant, fast drying, sand repellant towel. Take it to the beach without worrying about it getting wet, to the park for a picnic, or drape it over your couch or bed for ultimate coziness!

Dimensions: 64in x 78in

Weight: 36oz

Material: 100% Turkish Cotton


*** Due to the 3-Dimensional nature of the Waffle weave, these blankets are prone to shrinkage. We recommend washing with cold water and hang drying or tumble drying ***

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tamara Caraway
Happy with Waffle Blanket

Love the Waffle Blanket. Beautiful color (Honey), wonderful fabric texture! Wonderful for everyday use and would make a great gift!

Jill Bauersfeld
Delivered What You Promised!

Had to wait till Christmas as the Teema Honey Blanket and Wrap were gifts for my daughter. She was thrilled and spent the rest of the day wrapped in the blanket. The color and styles were just what she wanted! She said she would probably get others for the rest of her family.

Julie Laurent
Honey blanket

I absolutely love it

Lisa Giller
Awesome Quality & Colors

I am very pleased with your products. I love the brightness of the yellow. I wanted to cheer up my living room so I got the large blanket in yellow for my sofa and two smaller yellow ones for chairs. Three smaller blankets in various colors I will be using as wraps/scarves during colder days and then the summer to sit on for picnics or for a chilly movie theater cover up.

Holly Hereau
So comfy and casual

These are so cozy but they also look really casually stylish as throws on furniture. Great colors too!