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General Questions

We refer to Teema’s as towels because quite literally, they are Turkish towels, but Teemas are different than what most people in the US would consider a towel. 

Teemas are flat woven, meaning they do not have exposed loops like terry cloth towels do. This means that Teemas use significantly less fabric, which makes them much lighter and faster drying than regular terry cloth towels.

This also makes Teemas much more versatile than standard towels. Their lightweight and portable nature means they can double as a shawl, scarf, throw, adult blankie, yoga mat, and more!

No. Each collection varies slightly in terms of size and weight. Some have a looser weave, making them softer and more blanket-like, like the Labyrinth and Diamanté. Others have a tighter weave making them lighter and more portable, like the Simple and Layers.

Check each product's images for a chart displaying the size and weight. 

Teemas are made in Turkey using traditional weaving techniques. Some of the looms used in the production of our towels are over 50 years old and have been with the families for generations. 

Fun Fact: Jacquard looms use a series of punch cards to "program" the design of each towel, which is why many people refer to jacquard looms as the world's first computers!

Versatility is what truly sets Teemas apart from standard towels. While the most obvious use for a Teema is as a towel, many of our customers opt to use them in other ways. Because they are so much lighter, more portable, and more stylish than terry cloth, they work just as well as blankets, throws, scarves, wraps, and more!


Outside of being a towel, Teemas next, most obvious use, is as a blanket. Thanks to their large size and softness, Teemas make the perfect on-the-go blanket. Having a picnic at the park? Teema. Sitting around a campfire? Teema. Getting cold in between sets at Coachella? Teema. Trying to sleep on a plane but getting blasted by the AC? Teema. As you can see, Teemas are appearing in a lot of places you’d never expect to see a towel... well guess what? There's more.


Thanks to their light fabric and stylish designs, Teemas can also be used as several different accessories/articles of clothing. Got enough sun at the beach and need a cover or wrap? Teema. Need something light enough to wear as a shawl but heavy enough to keep you warm? Teema. Looking to add to your scarf collection this winter? You guess it... Teema.


As you own your Teema, you’ll continue to find many unexpected things you can use it for. Our customers have used them as home decor, yoga mats, table clothes, burkas, and more. The list keeps getting bigger.

Beach Towel
Bath Towel
Yoga Mat
Picnic Blanket
Festival Accessory
Wall Tapestry
Interior Decor
The list goes on and on…

All of our products are made of premium 100% Turkish cotton. 

All of our towels are made in southwestern Turkey by skilled weavers.

Yes, we now offer preorders for some of our out of stock products.

Due to the nature of our artisanal manufacturing process, it can be challenging to produce large quantities of towels. For this reason, we often quickly sell out of our most popular designs. To prevent our customers from missing the next batch of their favorite designs, we now offer pre-orders!

For pre-orders, you can just treat them as a regular order and check out as normal. If you order a combination of in-stock and pre-ordered items, they will all ship together when the pre-ordered items restock. If you'd prefer they ship separately, please place two separate orders. 

Product Care

Yes! Teemas are made from Turkish cotton, which has long fibers that actually get softer and more absorbent with each consecutive wash. That's right, like a fine wine, your Teema will get better with age. Think like that old flannel your dad has had for decades.

Because Teemas are made from 100% cotton, they do shrink a bit under heat. If you'd prefer your Teema stay its full, original size, we recommend washing under warm or cold water and hang or tumble drying. If you don't mind a little shrinkage, then feel free to wash however you please!

Fixing untied tassles is very simple. If they're braided tassles, just separate the threads into two equal sections, twist both sections clockwise, and tie a knot at the end. If they're not braided, just take all the loose threads in a bunch and retie the knot.

Shipping & Returns

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Shipments for most domestic orders arrive within 7 business days of order placement.

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Return postage must be paid for by the customer.

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Sorry about that! Feel free to shoot us an email with any questions, concerns or comments at or give us a call at +1 (888) 991-2124.

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