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The Granite Waffle
Debra (Roanoke, US)

Beautiful light weight towel.
Highly recommend!

Charcoal Morocco
Debra (Roanoke, US)

Beautiful light weight towel.
Highly recommend!

Love my Teema!

Great as a yoga towel, blanket, scarf… just dragged it all over Belize and it was fantastic!

The Navy Simple
Najemi (Seattle, US)
Fringe is a problem

Towel or blanket or wrap. It’s all very nice until you try to wash it. The fringe gets all tangled up in the washer and dryer. Best to hand wash and hang dry. Maybe offer a fringe less option too?

The Tan Diamanté
Azil Malan (Cape Coral, US)
Gorgeous towels but... not very absorbent

These towels are stunning, and I absolutely DO want to adore them but they aren't very absorbent. After I dry off - I'm still quite damp. I am hoping that the absorption gets better over time!

The Golden Spots
Lou (Provo, US)

The design of the golden spots towel is even better in person. Great feel and very functional travel or beach towel!


Love the size, color & softness!

The Navy Labyrinth
Juliejo (Binghamton, US)
Believe the Ads

I really wanted to try these after seeing them on Instagram, but hesitated because I wanted to try one before I bought a bundle or bought three and got one free, and found out I didn’t like them. After reading lots of reviews I finally decided to give them a try. They’re just as good as the ads proclaim!
I already have 4 more on the way, as I thought of lots of people they’d make great gifts for! As someone who loves a blanket in winter, while watching TV, I’ve found my seasonal, lighter replacement.
I will also use it around my shoulders sometimes and as a blanket in summer, while sitting around the campfire
The only issue is many of the best colors were sold out when I reordered☹️

The Navy Simple
Patty Hahn-Carlson (Rio Rico, US)
Another hit!!!

The Simple Navy is my 2nd Teema purchase and I love it. I use it mostly as a “shawl” when in heavily air- conditioned spaces. My first purchase was the silver waffle, and I love that one too. I wasn’t aware of the buy 3 get one free deal or I definitely would have bought 3. These are wonderful products!!!

The Navy Simple
Bob C (New Britain, US)

These towels are absolutely amazing! I’ve seen reviews that say they are too thin. Yes they are thin but they are just absorbent as the thick, bulky towels and dry MUCH faster! Highly recommended!

The Quartz Waffle
G Mosetter (Tualatin, US)

Beautiful! I love using it as a shawl on cool days and at the beach! Soft, durable and sand repellent!!

The Sky Labyrinth
Jan Cancro (East Brunswick, US)
Great after Aqua cycling

I needed something to wear that was absorbent and stylish after aqua cycling class. This fit the bill perfectly! I wear it as a sarong on my way home and feel pretty and my car seat isn't wet when I arrive home 8 minutes after class. It's a fun way to leave the pool. Hang it up to dry and it's ready to go again. Washes well. I am recommending this to all my cycle class!

The Blue Strokes
wahoo jean (Louisburg, US)
awesome towel

I saw Teema on Instagram and was on sale so decided to give it a try. The first towel I ordered had the fringe on the end and I loved it just throwing it around my shoulders at the office. So I decided to order a second and picked the Blue Strokes - fringeless, and will be perfect for the chair at the pool. It washed really well and dried fast too. Can't wait for pool season.

The Navy Labyrinth
Carole Scofield (Syracuse, US)
Labyrinth Turkish towel

Pretty design with lovely colors. Quite lightweight and not as absorbent as I had expected. Will use as shawl rather than towel.

The Navy Labyrinth
Kathleen Haley (Carbondale, US)

Super excited to take it to Spain! I’ll be wearing it as a shawl, using it as a blanket on the plane and a towel for the beach! Wish I would have bought a bundle before they sold out!!!

The Navy Labyrinth
Rebecca Padulo (San Mateo, US)
Love it, but…

I really liked the color and feel of the towel. I washed it before using it. I hung it to dry instead of using the dryer. I was taken aback that on my first use of it as a towel, I found myself covered with blue lint. I guess I will try drying it to remove the extra lint, and hopefully that will be the end of that problem!

The Yellow Spots
Angelica Martinez (Orange, US)
Fast drying towel

It dries in about 3 hours if you’re pretty wet using the towel but that’s pretty good! I don’t have to use the dryer at all!

The Stone Blanket in Charcoal
LYN FRENCH (Baltimore, US)
Its ok

This is my first purchase and Im not as pleased as I thought I would be. The texture is not as smooth as I expected. Live and learn.

Charcoal Morocco
M. Kym Fabry (Mequon, US)

I’m not sure how I’m going to use it yet. But I told some friends that it is so lovely that I might put on a hook as a decoration. It makes me smile just looking at it.

The Maroon Labyrinth
Lissa Mariano (Schenectady, US)
Love this item!

It was all that I expected. Lovely colors and fabric pattern, soft and good quality- makes a great shawl, blanket & towel. Versatile. One of my new favorite items!

The Stone Simple
Linda f (Spring, US)
Great travel towel!

The towels are really nice and I love the look, but I realize that I like my everyday towels thicker. These will be great for travel.

The Mystery Bundle
Petie Reed (Boston, US)
Excellent Bundle!

Every single Turkish towel in the bundle is amazing.

The Teal Labyrinth
Joyce Morris (Cohoes, US)

Love it, the perfect colors. Shopping now for another blanket.

The Mystery Bundle
Sheridan Schwab (Valley Village, US)
the bundle

Teema towels’ advertising was great & led me to give them a try. I’ve used the Turkish type towels at our beach condo & love them for their quick dry quality. The ad gave me so many more ideas for their use. Have come to the water park with us & we’re giving them as a hostess gift. So far, very good!

The Stone Simple
Joyce Delmont (Wooster, US)
Vaca ready

Will be taking this with me to the beach in July. Love it