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I love them! Soft ,absorbent they’re great!

Perfect Anywhere Towel

This is my third towel. However, the label "towel" is misleading because this is so much more. I use it as a towel, beach blanket, throw, head gear, and bathing suit cover up. These towels dry quickly, keep me warm, don't hold sand, pack easily, stand up to washing, and so much more. They are worth every penny.

The Stone Simple
Happy customer
Perfect gift

I purchase the towel for my future daughter-in-law for Christmas.
It will be perfect for her as she is always chilled, visits her parent's lake house and has a honeymooon to take it on for a shawl - multiple uses!!!

just wondering what size the spots towels are

I bought one in Marseille for $10.

Great but expensive.

Colors are beautiful

The towel has the perfect characteristics of a Teema towel. What stands out to me is that the combination of threads makes this more of a medium purple lilac which is what I wanted rather than a pinkish lilac. Colors are true to image.

The Navy Simple
So soft

I received 4 towels and I love them. Incredibly soft and versatile. Can’t wait to use them for next summer.

The Stone Cascade
Diane Sabiston
Stone Cascade

I love my Teema bath towels! They are large and absorbent.

The Spots Bundle
marcie kirby
So much softer than I thought!

The colors were true to the photos and they were softer than expected. I haven't washed yet. I've used mine several times already for a shawl and/or throw blanket.

The Best Sellers Bundle
Miriam Dimitriadis
Turkish Delight!

Superior quality. Patterns are interesting, as is color usage. Not overly fond of the fringe, but they will grow on me, I'm sure. Some will be used as gifts. Anticipating their response!

Excellent Quality Product

I am in love with my new Black Diamanté Teema product! It’s perfectly versatile and the print is stunning! The quality of the product is very high and I don’t have any negative remarks at all! Definitely recommend!

The Waffle Blanket in Charcoal

Love them

I live in a house with very limited storage space, which is what drew me to Teema towels. Over a year ago I got rid of *all* of my old traditional bath towels and replaced them with navy labyrinth Teema towels. I have no regrets at all. I love them. I love them a lot. They take up WAY less space. They're also *much* easier to keep clean and smelling fresh--that took work with my old towels but I don't have to even think about it with the Teema towels--they've never taken on any weird smells. Overall, they seem to get better with time and use, which is rare in my experience. Our family also sometimes uses them as throw blankets. And of course they're gorgeous!

She Loves it!

My wife loves it. Soft, warm and comfortable. It means she doesn’t wear ther dragon-boating jacket indoors (which annoyed me).

The Aqua Labyrinth
Rebecca Cook

I just received my first order and they have beautiful colours. They are for Christmas presents. I hope my family loves them as much as me

The Sky Labyrinth
Gregor Smith
Haven’t received it yet

I can’t review it, as it hasn’t arrived as yet. I’m still waiting

The Blue Layers
Martina C

Bought this towel for a trip to Greece where we moved locations every couple of days. It packs down fairly small so I could cram it into my backpack, while still being an excellent size. I loved that it dried so quickly, I never had to worry about carrying a wet bag. The fact that it doesn't collect sand is my favourite thing about this towel. It was so easy to shake off and I never had sand build up in my bags! It's a little large to used as a scarf/shawl for my 5ft frame, but it did double as a handy blanket.
I really like this style of towel and would definitely purchase more in the future.


Love these towels! So soft and cozy.

Charcoal Waffle
Kathy Baglien
Great as a shawl!!!!

I love the Teema towel products. I now own 2 of them and have given others away as much appreciated gifts. The waffle design in particular is my favorite. It's wonderful to use as a "going to bed/getting up" shawl. So much easier to put on than a robe.

If I had to change one thing, I would make it about 3-5 inches longer. Then it would be easier to throw one end over my shoulder (when wearing as a shawl) and have it stay there.

The Silver Waffle
Michel Sicotte

The Silver Waffle

The Neutrals Bundles
Cecile Neil
Perfect Christmas gifts

The towels are very soft. I believe the recipients of these towels will love them.

The Blue Shoreline
Anne Balian

These towels get better with washing, so very soft- I wear it as a wrap mostly- so versatile :)

Perfect Beach Towel

I saw Teema Towels about a year ago when I moved to the beach. Some other company got into my algorithm, and I bought from them. The other towels didn't dry, didn't repel sand, didn't do anything the promised. My friend had Teema, and loved them. I finally deiced I would buy, and I am so glad that I did. My hair dried in about 15 minutes...something that has never happened in my life. 100000000% worth it!!

The Black Diamanté
Kecia Phelps
In love

The first day I received my towels. I had a function to attend by the water. I decided to wear my black teens towel as a wrap. It was perfect as the temperature dropped, I was able to dance and socialize and received so many compliments.

The Black Diamanté
Erica Best
Nice for wrap

I got these and I immediately unwrapped them. They are nice and soft, great to wrap up in when a little cold. I washed them, no fabric softener involved (do not own any, yucky stuff), and went to use one the next day after my shower. It was like using slightly absorbent plastic wrap. I had to get one of my normal towels to dry off. Over all great for a light wrap and pretty colors but not towel worthy.