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The Grey Layers
Lee (Berlin, US)
My new favorite

Gave it a test run at the brach in Maryland this weekend. Great feel, great smell, kept me warm,dry and looked darn good doing it. I want more!

The Black Diamanté
Kelly K. (Providence, US)
Absolutely love

A lot of these reviews talk about using these towels as blankets and shawls, and sure they work for that purpose, but I want to talk about them as TOWELS.

First I tested them on a beach vacation, and sure enough they get you dry, they dry off quickly and they do shed the sand better than terry towels. Including that post-swim wet sand that can really dig into terry towels. Same great performance at home (minus the sand).

Ecologically speaking, these use way fewer resources to launder, by which I mean I get more uses out of them between washes because they don’t get musty like terry towels. And they need waaaay less dryer time. It’s late summer as I’m writing this and I have not had to machine dry these once - I hang them on the clothesline or just pop them on our bathroom towel hooks during rainy weather and they dry up nicely.

I’ve bought 2 different styles, the ones I bought for the beach are lighter weight and maybe you wouldn’t prefer those on chilly winter days. These diamanté towels feel a little thicker and I think we’ll probably use these more in cooler weather.

Lastly, storage. I do not have much storage space in my apartment and I can fit 2-3 times as many of these Teema towels in my linen cabinet as terry ones! (Attached photo shows 2 full-sized towels folded). I have now donated most of my terry towels (I kept a couple just in case) and only want to use these Teema towels going forward.

Lastly, they are just so pretty, I love looking at them. That’s reason enough to buy a couple.

The Sky Labyrinth
V.C. (Austin, US)
Sky Labyrinth

I was surprise by how soft and light the fabric is and this is definitely a great buy! The blues and the patterns are so beautiful and I will wear this as a scarf or a plane blanket more so than just using it as a beach towel. Planning to get the tan and/or maroon in the future of the big sale is back!

The Black Diamanté
Debra O. (Kansas City, US)
Black diamante Teema

I love the way this towel/blanket is so light weight yet is so good to wrap in during a flight or while sitting on the beach. IT is easy to pack and being so light wt it does not add much to your bag when traveling abroad and your luggage wt is restricted. The quality is outstanding.

The Grey Layers
David (San Francisco, US)
Overpriced and overhyped

A lot of hyperbole for what is simply a thin densely woven piece of fabric. Not worth the nearly $50 price tag (including shipping).

The Maroon Labyrinth
Jolene G. (Phoenix, US)
My second Teema towel

Just my second Teema because I loved the first. Just the right size and weight, and the labyrinth patterns are gorgeous. Want to buy more, even though I don't need them.

The Stone Montauk
Maria M. (Greenwich, US)
New travel shawl

I like the fact that the fabric is light and not bulky where I can put it in my travel tote.. however, I do find it a little pricey. I kept seeing advertisements and wanted to see what it was about. Not sure I would purchase another for that price..

The Grey Tiki
Linda T. (Yuba City, US)
Love this towel!

It's versatile, warm and the perfect size!

The Sky Labyrinth
Di (Maple Lake, US)
Tan color not great but material is

I had a navy or indigo in the towel long ago I loved. I lost it. So sad you no longer have that color settled on the sand which isn’t like photo and sky in towel and a blue color in blanket hoping it was the color from long ago . Nope blues are different-. Not my favorite but material is so I kept them

The Sky Labyrinth
Catherine F. (Nanticoke, US)
Sky Labyrinth

I love Teema towels! And I especially love my sky labyrinth Teema towel. It's beautiful, well made and it has many uses.

The Diamanté Bundle
S.A. (Leechburg, US)
Soft and absorbent

I absolutely love these Teema towels! They’re great for the bath or pool. They dry quickly and I’m very impressed with the quality. They also make a very nice gift!

The Aqua Labyrinth
Dixie T. (Cynthiana, US)
Labyrinth towels

Absolutely love them!!! I use mine mostly as shawls because they're so beautiful!!

The White Del Mar
Jess T. (San Diego, US)

I've been waiting years for a white Teema towel. This towel is perfect, very light and soft.

The Stone Simple
Marie-France P. (Montreal, CA)
So elegant and versatile!

Elegant, colour is neutral and can easily be worne as a scarf or shawl - love it!!!

The Pink Layers
Valerie A. (Wake Forest, US)
Good Quality Peoduct

I purchased this product based on the reviews and because of the buy three get one free promo. I have not actually used them, however I did wash them first using the ‘hand wash’ cycle of my machine and low setting drying for 10-15 minutes and I am very satisfied with the washed results ….they feel and look great and with these results I am quite confident they will be great in my trip to Italy and Greece next in September!


So versatile- got these for everyone on our Greece trip. Used them on the plan, at the beach, and ferry over to the islands. Awesome!

The Stone Simple
L B. (Monroe, US)

I took it on vacation as a towel. I was able to use it as a blanket and a cold shoulder cover up. I would highly recommend this.

The Blue Shoreline
Kat D. (Birmingham, US)

Prompt shipping was a pleasant surprise. Nice presentation. Soft, not heavy, washed well. It will be perfect for European trips.

The Aqua Labyrinth
Jo H. (Newberg, US)
A perfect summer wrap

I am pleased with my aqua labyrinth towel. It is a perfect summer wrap for evenings in Oregon. The colors are a beautiful combination.

The Sunset Tiki
B.F. (Ballwin, US)

I love this towel! Kudos, so many kudos, to customer service in helping me arrive at this towel! Teema are the best….so very satisfied with their products!

Can't wait for cold weather.

I plan to use mine like a shawl so that's another reason I'm wishing the summer away.
It's feel is lovely. 💙💙

The Lilac Labyrinth
Elizabeth R. (Bridgewater, US)
Love it

Everyone should have several Teema items in their home🌻

The Spring Bundle
Brenda W. (Graford, US)
Perfect Beach Towels!

These were purchased for a beach vacation in Florida. I gave them as gifts and kept one for myself to use. They take up less room than regular beach towels and dry quickly. Now everyone wants to know where I got them!! 🏖️🏝️

The Yellow Layers
Carol W. (Saint Augustine, US)
Great gift!

I purchased this Teema waffle for a birthday gift for my friend. She loves it and can’t wait to use it! She’s heard me rave about my Teema towels and is excited about her own!

The Tiffany Tribal
Donna G. (Tucson, US)
best towel ever!

My teema towel was a hit with me and my relatives on my recent family reunion. It was light and comfortable to lay on and dried nicely
Thank you1.