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The Pink Simple
Amanda Ennis

The Pink Simple

The Stone Spots
Bea Campbell

A perfect Christmas gift, loved and much appreciated

Great towels / blankets!

I bought a multi-pack and gave them out as Christmas presents (full disclosure - I kept one for myself. :-)). They are soft and lightweight; great as a shawl or a laprug. Time will tell how well they do as towels in the summer but all indications are great!

over priced

over priced for what you get, would not order again

The Aqua Labyrinth
Brian J Skinner
Awesome product!

I bought the blanket/throw for my wife for Christmas and the aqua labyrinth is the perfect colour for her collection.

She has used it for sitting on the couch and snuggling while watching streaming shows as well as took it to her workplace to put on her lap when our temperatures dipped well below 0°F

Woven with fantastic colour blends! We are very happy with the blanket/throw!

The Olive Waffle
Helen Taylor
Order not received

I cant comment on the quality of the product as, disappointingly I never received it. Thar said, customer service was great and a refund was quickly provided.

The Shoreline Bundle
Chris Brownlee
Great quality

Just needs a few more washings before it's absorbant like a beach towel.

The Fall Blankets Bundle
Catherine McRae
Returned due to cost

USD conversion and customs charges made the cost to high. I am sure they are great however never had a chance to see them!

The Sky Sedona
Margaret Arwood
Sedona towels

Wonderful length, softness, warmth and drying. We took them with us to Hawaii and used them as blankets in the plane and were great at the beach.

The Silver Waffle
Brian Tieszen
Terms towel

It’s OK. They look good.The size is a bit narrow. They are drenched after drying 50% of my body. They seem lightweight against my expectations.

The Tan Labyrinth
Jennifer Turner
Not for me. Regret buying two...

thought this would make a great Christmas gift for someone, and a gift for myself. After opening it, and trying to use it in about every possible way they suggest, I realize it's just useless. Thin, not comfortable to lie on, not warm enough to wear as a shawl, too bulky to wear as a scarf, to thin for any kind of absorbency at the beach, I suppose it could be used as a bathing suit wrap that doesn't tie very well nor stay tied up. I bought two of them and Ifeel like I threw $100 away. Had to buy another gift for the person I bought it for, cuz I didn't want to give them this crap. No offense, stupid product. Congratulations on the ad, suckered me good.

The Pastel Tie Dye
Heather Sheridan
Love my Teema

I bought the towels for a Christmas present and the girls were excited to receive them. Especially when they heard they were Teema Towels.

The Colorful Shoreline
Never Received

I have yet to receive this towel. I am very disappointed as I ordered it for a Christmas present in plenty of time. Yes, you refunded my money, but only once I questioned where the towel was. Extremely disappointed.

The Fire Labyrinth
Fabian Garces

The Fire Labyrinth

The Aqua Labyrinth
Nice product but ...

Nice product but it did not get delivered to my house. They did send out another which I had to pay 30$ shipping charge. Not impressed.

They are a perfect gift

Everyone loves a Teema!

Charcoal Waffle
Patricia Robinson
Not a fan

I’m used to much heavier towels. I’m not a fan of these.

Love it

I gave this as a gift to someone that like organic, sustainable, etc type things. He loved the story of how this labyrinth is made. It’s super soft, perfect size and weight for a throw or a towel.

The Black Hypno
Christopher Schultz
I love these towels!!

These towels are an absolute must for anyone that loves going to the beach!! The towels dry quickly and are truly able to get rid of sand with a simple wave of the towel! We used these in Cancun on the Beach and they were great!!

The Spots Bundle
Jenny Henderson
Love them!

I bought one for each of my teenage girls that they love them! They have used the towel as both a blanket and a towel


Absolutely great purchase

It was a Christmas gift

Bought this for a traveller (despite COVID) and she can’t wait to bring her Teema with her 💜

Charcoal Waffle
Clara Comeau

Item is ok

Charcoal Waffle
R. Todd Early
Lack of capacity

This towel is very absorbent but saturates quickly. It has low capacity for holding water, so before you are dry, you are only smearing water, not lifting it from your skin. Given the high price, I have received superior drying for a lower investment. I would not recommend this towel.

The Sunset Tiki
Lindsay Tardif
Great quality

I’m very pleased with delivery time and the quality is great!! My family was very excited when they opened their gift at Xmas!!