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The White Labyrinth
Patricia (Reno, US)
Trying something different…

I like the look and feel of these towels, very soft and the colors and texture are nice. I love the tassels!

I’m using these as bath towels. They are much larger than the regular terry towels I’m used to, so it’s taking a minute to get used to the Teema towels. I do find that the Teema towels are much kinder to my skin! So a huge plus!

The Labyrinth Blanket Bundle
D.K. (Pembroke Pines, US)
Camping Buddies

Bought these for my camper. They roll up compact for easy storage, add a pop of earthy fun, are just enough in the early morning coolness while drinking coffee or at night with an adult beverage around a fire. Double layered at night inside the camper while sleeping with the AC on. The weight of the blankets were comforting and kept me warm. Love these. The towels are great for rolling and storing as well.

The Blue Layers
Kay P. (Hamilton, BM)
Very Light Towel

This is a nice towel. It’s light and airy and dries quickly. The one thing I’m not raving about is that it doesn’t completely dry by body after getting out of the water. I think I need a thicker towel. Other than that, I like it!

Looooove this towel. Wish they came in more dark neutrals 😍

Love how soft it is, it’s super nice as a shawl or as a beach wrap or blanket, but not the most absorbent in the world. Love it anyways though!

It’s beautiful. Good quality.

The 50% Off Mystery Bundle
Cheryl H. (Rochester, US)
Thread count

Are there towels that are made with a higher thread count? Are some thicker than others?

Thin but absorbent so they dry super quick. They look nicer hanging up than regular towels. Love it!

I bought this bundle because I already owned three Labyrinth towels (navy, black and natural) and two of the three blankets in this bundle matched my towels. I've decided to use the navy as a fantastic summer-weight blanket on my California king sized bed. Sleeping with just that over my sheets finally gives me a good night's sleep. The weight is substantial enough to help me sleep but it's not too hot. I know it'll be nice as a throw over a heavier comforter on the bed in winter as well. I'm going to use the natural blanket in my beach bag to spread out on the sand for my toddler, and save the sky blue one as a really nice gift. Normally my husband rolls his eyes at purchases like these but just last night, completely out of the blue, he remarked on how nice the blanket was on our bed.

The Chocolate Del Mar
Cindy D. (Tyler, US)
Love this towel.

I love the quality of this towel. I got it for a trip I was taking.

The Shoreline Bundle
AC (Montreal, CA)

Really love the look and feel of these towels but not absorbent at all. I’m hopeful with more washes they will become as absorbent and quick drying as promised.

The Navy Labyrinth
Ande (Brantford, CA)
Surprisingly everything

This towel is surprisingly thirsty, lightweight, packable, warm, versatile, fashionable and sand-wicking. What more can you possibly need in a towel?

I like this towel. I haven’t used it yet but I think I will enjoy using it. It’s thin and should dry quickly.

Still in the package. Haven't got to use it yet? Will be next week's trip to Chicago.

Excellent surprise. Great value.

This towel is just beautiful! Although I haven’t yet washed it, it’s soft and the colours are beautiful. Its versatility appeals to me because it can be used in so many ways; towel, throw blanket, shawl, etc. I had been looking at them for a while and I’m so glad I finally purchased one. It’s so lovely!

The Black Labyrinth
Brandi V. (Denver, US)
Love my Collection! Can I give them 10 stars?

I have 4 (lost one unfortunately off the back of the boat) of these in various colors and I LOVE them! I bought them a few years ago and have used them at the lake, paddleboarding, at the pool, on the beach, as a wrap- ALL the ways and they still look gorgeous. The colors haven't faded one bit and there are no snags, despite many washes with regular detergent and drying in the dryer (they don't even shrink!). I have another towel from another brand and it doesn't even come close to these babies!

I pack them into my suitcase for our annual lake trip and these are the towels that everyone wants to use. They are warm, but not too heavy and dry VERY well. They don't accumulate smells either such as mildew or sunscreen or sweat. They have been completely soaked by wakes and water and these crazy things DRY OVERNIGHT in hot and humid North Carolina. My white diamante one has been stained by sunscreen and dirt, and comes completely clean every time. They can be used for so many purposes. I LOVE THEM! I actually came here to buy more and thought I should also write a review!

Get them. They are worth every single penny!

Shipping Protection
Jude (Nepean, CA)
Sky Labrynth

The colours are amazing. I will use this as a towel and most certainly as a shawl as it is the perfect weight to ward off chills on an airplane or in a restaurant. I now have two and am very happy with my purchases

The Fire Labyrinth
Mur (Victoria, CA)

The best wrap, lite blanket, thing ever.

Great for the beach.


Love it

Love it

The Blue Layers

Love them. So may uses for them

Love love love these EVERYTHING towels; looking forward to exploring & adventures where we can bring/use the teema towels..and will share the WOW with others.