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The Spots Bundle

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The brand new two sided Spots Collection is here!! And all 4 colors are available as a bundle for a limited time for 20% OFF!! 

The Golden Spots x 1

The Green Spots x 1

The Yellow Spots x 1

The Stone Spots x 1


Our all new Spots Collection is a cute and cozy reversible masterpiece! The inverted, two sided design makes these towels perfect for any occasion, whether you're using it as a winter scarf, a beach towel, or a portable throw blanket!

Like all Teemas, the Spots Collection is crafted from our premium 100% Turkish cotton on traditional jacquard looms. This means they're incredibly soft, highly portable, fast drying, sand repellant, plus they get softer and more absorbent with each wash.

Material: 100% Turkish Cotton

Country of Origin: Turkey


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Carol Rowan
Presents for Christmas

Love the Teema towels I received last week. I can already see how versatile they will be. So soft, cozy and beautiful! I can’t wait to share them!

Pleasant Surprise

My husband thought it was ridiculous that I brought such thin towels for our beach trip, but he told me how surprised he was when they were actually very absorbent. They are great for getting sand off of both you and the towels, and they dry very fast. Excellent for the beach, a different trip, or around the house. I honestly prefer these to my regular bath towels.

Deborah Brooks
Love the Spots pattern

Not crazy about using this as a bath towel. Really want to like it- just sort of sticks to the body like a wet Kleenex. Perhaps best used as a cover up on the beach. Love the fabric and colors of the green and yellow.

Carleen Steele

I haven’t received my order yet due to my PO Box wasn’t included. I hope it’s in route again.

lori eads
Love them

Very soft, cover me up all the way, even large enough for a couch blanket for the grandkids