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The Blue Morocco


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The Morocco towel is often been referred to as one of our cleanest and coolest designs. Its diamond weave pattern layered with colorful vertical stripes creates a distinct and appealing look that often receives more compliments than our customers are comfortable receiving. 

The Morocco Towel is made on traditional jacquard looms by our seamstresses in Turkey. Towels made using our traditional looms are sewn with a looser stitching, resulting in a heavier fabric with a softer touch than our towels made using automatic looms. These looms require constant supervision and can loom about 15-20 towels a day at full capacity, so it’s safe to say these Teemas are made with care.

People often describe the Morocco as something in between a towel and a blanket, as it's absorbent enough to use as a towel, yet soft enough to use as an on the go throw, scarf, or shawl. Whether you're tanning at the beach, sitting by the campfire, dancing at a festival, sweating in your hot yoga class, or layering up in the snow, your Morocco will come in handy.

Size: 38in x 70in

Weight: 13oz

Material: 100% Cotton

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Leslie Hobson
I want to keep it

I ordered two as gifts but now I want to keep them. The fabric is lovely as are the colours. I am trying to restrain myself from opening one and keeping it. Nice product.

Miriam Hanan
Teema in the House

It's that time of the year when switching gears with temperature changes makes it necessary for me to always travel with layers. I ordered the Teema Towel/Blanket on my travels for use on the beach or pool at home and for traveling comfort on a plane. Although I need a larger bag to travel with, Teema's all purpose product, makes it simple and easy to switch gears in multi environments. Bravo to Teema for a super smooth product with a great choice of colors

Michele Campbell

I haven't used it yet but I will definitely submit a review later

Ruth Grubbs
Teema Towel TBD

Not sure yet. The towel looks like the pic and is compact. I haven’t fully opened bc they are Christmas gifts. They don’t look soft and nothing on the packaging références sand repelling or quick drying like the ad did so now I’m wondering. They are pricey if they don’t work as advertised and worth it if they do!

I want them all!

I love Teema towels. I have enjoyed the buy 3/1 free on 4 different orders so far. I give them as gifts and everyone enjoys and appreciates theirs. I have long hair and after I wash it, I love how my Teema wraps around my head, turban style, and stays put without all that bulk you’d get from a standard towel. So, yes, I’m a big fan- love the colors, patterns and different weaves. Highly recommend!