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The Maroon Tribal


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The Tribal towel is one of our most fun designs and is our only Teema that currently sports a double sided pattern. The colors on each side of this towel are inverted, creating two distinctly unique looks. It is also one of our thicker towels, as creating an inverted design requires an extra layer of threads. 

The Tribal is one of our more popular on the go options. Our customers love taking them to concerts and festivals, beach days, picnics, backpacking trips and more. The aesthetically pleasing tribal design and bright colors make this Teema a fun option for any occasion.

The Tribal is made on traditional jacquard looms by our weavers in Turkey. Towels made using traditional jacquard looms are sewn with a looser stitching, resulting in a heavier fabric and softer touch than our towels made using automatic looms.

Size: 35in x 67in

Weight: 11oz

Material: 100% Cotton

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Teema Towel is the BEST!

It’s a Towel! It’s a Blanket! It’s a Shawl! It’s Lightweight! It’s Pretty! It’s Soft! It’s Colourful! Teema Towel is the BEST! SO USEFUL! Bought 2 for me and 2 for gifts!

Rebecca Pifer

Fabulous colors and so versatile!! Best purchase I’ve made!

April Allen
Best towels around

So how you can use them fir somany things..duper lightweight and compact. Easy to travel with, no mess at the beach...bough 8 total..great these towels....

Vicki Granelli

Its a gift, not given yet will let you know

Tina K
Give Me All the Teema Towels

I can’t think of a product that I have purchased in the past few years that has exceeded my expectations and won the day for me like Teema towels. They are SO soft, they are gorgeous to look at, they wash up great, they are multi-use, and they are priced right. I use mine to warm up on cool nights out on my backyard patio or while out to dinner, while I’m inside watching TV, on airplanes when it gets chilly, outside when I want to cover up from the sun, on hikes to keep bugs off, at the park to picnic, or to add interest to a fall outfit. I take one with me everywhere, no matter here I am going. And I have started a collection so I have different styles and pattens depending on what I am doing or wearing. Teema towels are also my go-to for gift giving. All my girlfriends now have one. Every teacher my kids have had in the past few years has one. I also recently bought one of the larger blankets and am totally in love! It is super-soft and the perfect weight for early summer sleeping. Cheers and well done, Teema!