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The Yellow Layers


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The Layers Towel was designed with minimalistic styles in mind. It's gradient stripes and soft color schemes give these classic towels a modern look and feel. Made on our automatic looms, the Layers towel has a tighter stitching, making it one of our lighter yet most durable towels. This towel is a must have for travelers and people frequently on the go, it packs small and dries off super fast.

Like all of our towels, the Layers is extremely versatile, and you'll often find yourself using it as a blanket, scarf, yoga mat, shawl, and more! It's one of those things you didn't know you needed, but will no longer be able to live without. Teemas tend to have that effect.

Size: 38in x 68in

Weight: 10oz

Material: 100% Cotton

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Laura Dahlstrom

The feel/texture of this towel seems different than one I ordered a few years ago. It's not as soft and seems thinner. Has anything changed with the production?

So versatile!

Love these towels so much! First ordered 2, received them and fell in love so took advantage of the buy 3 get one free offer so I can spread the love. Gonna give as Xmas gifts. And I’m sure I’ll be back for more. They are just great!

Sheila Beasley

I was disappointed that ads with prettier choices appeared after I completed my order. My only solace was that ads with lower prices did not appear after I made my order. I have not used my towel for drying yet, I am sceptical of it's effectiveness because of it's thinness. My daughter and granddaughter took their towels to an indoor pool and they both love the to towels.

Dana Halac
Amazing towel

Love mine for beach and for napping 😁

Joy Washington
Smaller than expected

Very light and very thin but it was OK