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The Stone Simple

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The Simple towel is a crowd favorite, and one of our most classic designs. Following a pattern that has been woven in Turkey for centuries, the Simple has proven that it's look and quality withstand the test of time. If you plan on using your towel for approximately one century, look no further than the Simple. 

The Simple towel is made on our automatic jacquard looms. Towels made using our automatic looms have a tighter stitching resulting in a thinner, lighter, and more durable towel. The lighter fabric dries extremely fast and makes this towel easy to pack and take with you on the go. Like all of our towels, the Simple is very versatile. It’s clean design makes it a lovely addition to your bathroom towel rack or your beach tanning set up. 

Keep it Simple, #TeamTeema.

Size: 38in x 68in

Weight: 10oz

Material: 100% Turkish Cotton

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Cate Smith
Teema rocks!

Incredible product, amazing customer service. Bought some Teema towels for the beach this summer and they were so diverse! Now I'm going on a long cycling trip to Europe and am bringing my Teema with me again. Space saving, light weight and multi use is exactly what you need when you only have limited space in your panniers for the trip. Not only will it function as my towel, pillow, shawl, extra blanket, picnic blanket but I actually configured it to be a wrap skirt as an outfit for dinner! It looks amazing! This product is absolutely fantastic!

Lydia Q Perez

My daughter loved it 🥰

Mahabisa Etzem

They are nice but honestly they are not nicer or thicker (as I had hoped) as the Turkish towels I purchased from Amazon at a fraction of the price. I’m a little disappointed

Linda s
Trip abroad

Just perfect. I bought this for my daughter for her first trip abroad. She had it with her on the plane as blanket and as a towel for water activities at her destination!

Paula Evans

Love my towels! They are so soft and lightweight! But also warm if you just need a little something for comfort!