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The Navy Simple

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The Simple towel is a crowd favorite, and one of our most classic designs. Following a pattern that has been woven in Turkey for centuries, the Simple has proven that it's look and quality withstand the test of time. If you plan on using your towel for approximately one century, look no further than the Simple. 

The Simple towel is made on our automatic jacquard looms. Towels made using our automatic looms have a tighter stitching resulting in a thinner, lighter, and more durable towel. The lighter fabric dries extremely fast and makes this towel easy to pack and take with you on the go. Like all of our towels, the Simple is very versatile. It’s clean design makes it a lovely addition to your bathroom towel rack or your beach tanning set up. 

Keep it Simple, #TeamTeema.

Size: 38in x 68in

Weight: 10oz

Material: 100% Turkish Cotton

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews

I just received my first Teema towel/wrap, and I have carried it with me *everywhere* since its arrival. It's high summer in Michigan, which means the temperatures inside and outside fluctuate between 45-100 degrees: sometimes really cool nights and/or freezing indoor temps with AC, or super hot & in-need-of-shade. I've used this wrap for shade/shelter from sun and to ward off a chill. It's beautifully made, affordable, and I love the color ways! I'll be sending these to friends & family. Thank you!

Michael Chapman

The Navy Simple

Audra Tolbert-Martin
Awesome product! Love them!

Very high quality!

Kelly Rapp
Used my Teema towels to “Great Dane proof” my patio furniture

Love my Teema towels. To keep my very comfy patio sofa and chairs from being covered in dirt and slobber, I cover them with Teema towels. When they do get dirty, I just toss them in the wash, but I can also just throw them on the fence to dry quick when they get wet and they keep my cushions protected. My college-aged kids keep them in their cars for all kinds of spontaneous needs (picnics, sudden down pours, chilly nights) and they love them because they are cute, soft, and take up so little room.

Too soon to tell

The towels I recieved feel like quality fabric, look great and pack small. I have used one as a wrap to keep warm in air conditioning. I have no idea on how they will launder or wear over time. I have yet to use them at the beach or pool. So far, so good, but until then, I am a 4 star review.