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Since its conception in a Cambodian night market during a backpacking trip in 2016, Teema Towels has offered one of the largest and most vibrant selections of high quality Turkish towels available online. What was originally started as a travel towel company set to show the world that there was more to travel towels than microfiber, has since transformed into a lifestyle towel and blanket company, as we've discovered how many advantages Turkish towels truly have over traditional terry cloth towels. Whatever your walk of life, we guarantee you'll find countless uses for your Teema.

After discovering our first Turkish towels in Cambodia, we fell in love and wondered why we had never heard of them before. So, we went to Turkey. There, we met a network of families who owned their own jacquard looms, known locally for making high quality towels using traditional techniques... and the rest is history.

All of our towels are made by independent, generational weavers in a small mountain town in western Turkey. These weavers have looms in their homes, some of them over 50 years old, having been in their homes for decades. Some of these families have been weaving Turkish towels for so long, that they can't actually trace back to when their family started weaving in the first place.

Unlike many other Turkish towel companies, we do not work with any large factories, only local, artisan weavers. This is why we are often sold out of products, as the techniques used to create our products are often decades old, with a focus on quality over efficiency. All of our weavers are independent contractors and are compensated fairly for their work.

Towels have been manufactured in this region for close to 500 years and many of the people and families who manufacture Teemas have been passing the art on for several generations. Some of these looms have been in use for over 50 years and many steps of the looming process are done by hand. While Teemas are highly practical and useful on a daily basis, each one is also a intricately crafted piece of art.