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The Ice Waffle

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The Waffle towel is one of our simplest yet most luxurious towels. The Waffle towel uses a modern, 3-dimensional waffle weave, often only found in spas and resorts. While creating a soft feel and pleasing aesthetic, the waffle weave also exposes more threads to the air, meaning these towels dry incredibly fast. All of our towels dry very fast, but the Waffle is one of the fastest.

All Waffle towels go through a stone washing process, which is what gives them their rustic, faded look and also increases their strength and softness. Like all of our Teemas, the Waffle becomes softer with each wash, so by going through our stone washing process prior to shipment, the Waffle arrives in an extra cozy condition.

The Waffle is thick and warm, making it a great addition to any home as a towel or throw. Its rustic design and modern weave also make it a trendy and warm shawl or scarf for the winter. No wonder this is one of our most popular Teemas!

Size: 36in x 66in

Weight: 14oz

Material: 100% Cotton

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Sallie DuMond

I never received the order.

Jennifer Schueller
Good Quality

Good Quality but much smaller than I thought it was

Sophia Kelley
Great but not as absorbent as expected

Great but not as absorbent as expected

Janet Lee Gaar
Very nice product

I would have given 5 stars, but my husband didn't like his new towel.
I decided to buy a waffle towel for my husband. He is tired of terry towels that end up smelling musty. I was surprised when he told me he didn't like the waffle towel. He said it wasn't very absorbent. I tried it as well and I think I see what he's saying. The waffle towel redistributes the water before drying. Anyway, I'm bummed that he didn't like it because I LOVE the look and that the towel dries quickly and packs small. I wonder if washing it a few more times and refraining from using a fabric softener might change things. I'm still very happy with it!

Elizabeth Harris
Best towels ever!

These towels are the most absorbent, quickest drying towels I have ever had! I love that they don’t ever sour or smell bad. Quick drying prevents that. Have several for both bathrooms!