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The Sky Labyrinth

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The Labyrinth towel is by far and away our most popular design available. By utilizing dozens of different colored threads in each design, the Labyrinth’s weave creates a hypnotizing, breathtaking display of interwoven colors.

The Labyrinth Towel is woven on traditional jacquard looms by our seamstresses in Turkey. It is thicker and softer than towels made on automatic looms. Our customers often describe this collection as something between a towel and a blanket. Each loom can only produce around 15 towels per day, so it is safe to say these towels are made with care.

* Due to the complex and handmade nature of this specific Teema, the color you receive may not look exactly the same as what is seen in the product images, but it will be extremely similar. Each batch uses the same colored threads, however the order of the colors is unique with each back, creating a slightly different effect each time.

Size: 38in x 70in

Weight: 12oz

Material: 100% Cotton

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Perfect gift!

Each year, I give my favorite product of the year to my family and friends for Christmas. This year, that product was definitely the Teema towel! I wanted to share how wonderful and versatile these beautiful towels are. I am a teacher teaching virtually and use mine as my desk blanket and or shawl. I look forward to when we can travel safely again and using my Teema as an airplane blanket! I have also used mine outside by the firepit. After sharing all these uses (none of which are as an actual towel), my friends and family were so excited to get one as a gift.

I love my blanket!

I ordered towels and a blanket. Only the blanket is for me the towels are gifts. The blanket is great! It’s light weight, the weave is excellent it washes very well! My cat figures it’s her blanket and she loves when it’s on the back of my living room chair. I use my blanket in and out of the house it’s very versatile. I really like the colors of the towels and blanket. Thank you for making quality products!!


The Sky Labyrinth

So far So good, Love them

I have been seeing them on FB, at last broke down and purchased them. I am in love with them they are so soft, towel, blanket, wrap, what every you want it to be. Yes get you one.

Great quality

Teema makes a great product. Definitely worth the cost.