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The Blue Simple

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The Simple towel is a crowd favorite, and one of our most classic designs. Following a pattern that has been woven in Turkey for centuries, the Simple has proven that it's look and quality withstand the test of time. If you plan on using your towel for approximately one century, look no further than the Simple. 

The Simple towel is made on our automatic jacquard looms. Towels made using our automatic looms have a tighter stitching resulting in a thinner, lighter, and more durable towel. The lighter fabric dries extremely fast and makes this towel easy to pack and take with you on the go. Like all of our towels, the Simple is very versatile. It’s clean design makes it a lovely addition to your bathroom towel rack or your beach tanning set up. 

Keep it Simple, #TeamTeema.

Size: 38in x 68in

Weight: 10oz

Material: 100% Turkish Cotton

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Patricia West

The Blue Simple

Jesse Morton
Unsure as of yet

Soo, I like the towels just not thrilled. They dry fast and are pretty. 40$ towels are a bit much for me personally so I think I was expecting more. I have used a handful of times and don’t find them much different than a normal beach towel. Sorry for the blah review.

Love the Simple

I have tried several kinds of Teema towels, just because I like the concept and needed towels. Here's what gets used:
Waffle. I like the towel okay but it is not a comfort towel. It just does the job. It shrank A LOT when someone put it in the dryer. Absorbent and okay, but the rest of the family doesn't like it as much.
SIMPLE: This is my go to. One got in the dryer and did shrink some but it is still large and comfy and makes a great swimsuit cover-up as well as towel. This is the best towel in the world.
Labrynth: This one is too soft and pretty to use as a towel. It is my airplane blanket, scarf, shawl, but not towel. I'm silly like that, I guess. I really love it though.

I did not like:
Tribal: Too thin. I use it when I go to the pool, but it feels really flimsy.
Tiki: Okay, yes wash them before you use them. For this one, you really really must. It leaves lint all over the place. It's nice and fluffy, but oh my good heavens the lint! BEWARE the lint monster! (Maybe it will get better with age, but that's a slow process when this towel is not my go-to.)

Margaret Ransom

Love my Teema Towels. Wash beautifully & wrap me up beautifully when I come out of shower😄

Linda Johnson

The Blue Simple